(1) Moving to Europe leaving family behind

April 5, 2022Send care not moneyKimboCare Content Team
2022-04-05T10:53:00.000Z2022-04-05T10:53:00.000ZLeaving your home country is not always easy for immigrants

1/6 Send Care, Not Money Series

Welcome to this new series in which we aim to share about the personal story behind KimboCare and the special features that make KimboCare the absolute new app for all immigrants. So, let’s get started!

I grew up in Cameroon, Africa in an amazing family. Raised with love and optimism, I felt pained to leave home when the time to depart for Europe came about. I was leaving this place where I had felt safe and loved, to enter a world I knew nothing about apart from what we saw in movies. I also felt excited and optimistic because of all the trust my family was putting in me, their love gave me confidence in the future getting on that plane, their love has given me courage every time I faced challenges, their love has inspired me to explore everything the world has to offer and make the best out of it.

Therefore, it is with no surprise that I want the best for them. It’s even a little selfish, and you want to know why? Because when they feel good, I feel great. Fast forward, that’s why I jumped on the KimboCare adventure. I believe there is nothing more important, more empowering than good health, and I want that for my loved ones. I want them to keep healthy so they can thrive in everything they put their minds to, so I can enjoy more time with them as I go on to raise my own family or simply make my dreams come true.

Join me on the journey of bringing transparence and traceability in the payment and delivery of healthcare services. Visit us at www.kimbocare.com and follow us on your favorite social media.

In the second article of this series, I showcase some of the challenges we, as immigrants, faced as we fulfill our duties towards keeping family back home in good health. Check it out!

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