KimboCare, your digital healthcare ‘Gift – Card’ for your relatives home and away

July 15, 2022Business productKimboCare Content Team
2022-07-15T11:54:00.000Z2022-07-15T11:54:00.000ZKimboCare, Your Digital Healthcare ‘Gift – Card’

Originally published by Ghetto Radio - KimboCare, Your Digital Healthcare ‘Gift – Card’ For Your Loved One Home And Away.

It is now possible to finance quality and affordable healthCare to the less privileged through purchase of transferable medical credits thanks to the creation of an organized digital Medicare plan, KimboCare.

KimboCare’s new healthcare technology comes as a relief to thousands of working and financially stable individuals who are willing to finance health provisions for the less privileged in society.

Traditionally, these financially stable individuals used to pay healthcare bills for their loved ones using cash pay-outs which alone, proved inefficient due to lack of a system which could effectively monitor and ensure the funds are put into their rightfully intended use, once the beneficiaries accessed those funds.

With KimboCare, this means that no money is transferred, but rather Kimbos. As a user, you simply buy the medical credits called, Kimbos, which you can in turn transfer to a needy individual, allowing them access to quality health care services in a functional and easy-to-monitor form. This makes KimboCare one of the most trusted and transparent health technologies in developed and developing countries.

As handset technologies continue to proliferate, KimboCare saw an easy-to-use tool in the form of a mobile phone app. It’s an easy-to-use app which only takes minutes to download and sign up for membership.

Here is a closer look on how to use your KimboCare account. Once an account is created and points loaded, the user picks their preferred health module to donate from a list provided and their respective claim points.

In order to send credits the user is then required to fill up contact details of the beneficiary as well as select the desired treatment bundle ranging from primary to specialist care. There is a detailed description of each medical service included in each care bundle on the platform, so the sponsor knows that they are meeting the needs of the beneficiaries or patients.

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